Doomscrolling is America’s newest unspoken collective perversion

If you don’t, who will?

Doomscrolling places like /r/collapse brings an unexpected soothing relief that inches us, individually, towards nihilism. If the end is near, I need not lift a finger. Doomscrolling has a brother: fiction, the imagined, the make believe. A parallel reality where life is better. A welcome escape hatch. Trump supporters tried…

This is for the benefit of all my friends, family, and loved ones in search of order in chaos.

Life is all about being at the right place at the right time. Sometimes the bus leaves the station without you and your whole day is fucked. If you’re lucky, your plans remain intact and you simply catch the next ride. Life often feels like it conspires against us. …

As long as it’s not my backyard! Right?

Have you considered the benefit of polluting to the max?

It sounds like the words of madman. It sounds like sedition. But here is our reality: billionaires own the companies that create climate change yet those companies are negligibly responsible for environmental damage. These singularly wealthy individuals have the collective wealth of billions of people. …

Each passing day carries fewer and fewer legal consequence. It is happening at all levels of society: the White House, the Treasury, banks, your local CVS, the police, and the list would flow like a mile long scroll. Collapse seems like an extreme term to describe life today, but after…


Thinking about a better way

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