Climate Change for a Madman

As long as it’s not my backyard! Right?

Have you considered the benefit of polluting to the max?

You’re Trying to Tell Me What Now?

Billionaires, corporations, and governments insist the problem falls on your shoulders. They have the confidence to sell millions of cars then government programs convince people to “spare the air” or carpool because the skies are smoggy. But the answer was not to move to electric cars 20 years ago, the onus is on you.

The oceans are being overfished because people just can’t get enough sushi. Nevermind the billionaires operating their fleet of high tech fishing vessels capable of trawling the entire length of the sea pulling every clam from the seabed and sardine from the surface. But it’s not about those super powerful boats, it’s about making people aware and guilty of their dining options. Please choose the sustainable fish you inconsiderate monster. Again, your fault, your guilt.

Pharma companies entrap users with beautiful white pills. Yet when their users are sick of all the side effects and decide to flush them down the toilet, it’s contaminating the water system. Again, citizen please do your job and take them to the proper disposal facility. Be more responsible, because your life isn’t hard enough we’d like to add another todo to your list. You are the problem.

I Don’t See Nothing Wrong

I do believe climate change is real. I also believe those who need to step up are nowhere to be found. It’s the collective responsibility to solve the problems created by the few. It’s clever. Because they make all the money. You need to alter your behaviors. It’s privatizing the problem creation and socialising the consequences.

When I was younger we were taught in school to “recycle, reduce, reuse”. Now we’ve added composting. I’m not saying these are bad things. In fact, I think they are steps in the right direction. But in reality, its impact is the equivalent throwing rocks at boulder. Nowadays you get fined for not recycling so there’s even a financial burden that is placed on your shoulders.

Imagine a drug dealer who convinces you to use their addicting product that is terrible for you and disruptive to your neighborhood. Then the drug dealer runs PSA’s asking you to please dispose of your needles appropriately. Anyone detached from this situation would look on in disbelief. The drug dealer simultaneously causes the problem and then asks his customer to clean up the mess they’re both responsible for creating. But the origin hides behind the consumer rarely taking responsibility. Only the consumer is spotlighted as the troublemaker.

What I’m saying is we only see the person “with the ball”. Meaning, the causes (the problem’s origin point) are hard to see but the effects are staring right at us. Every issue related to climate change is always pinned back to those “with the ball”. Citizens are consuming too much beef. Never mind the morality of those in Brazil who can’t wait to burn down the entire Amazon down to make room for cattle. Netflix publishes very slick documentaries on the topic that slowly convinces people they need to move off beef and onto fake meat substitutes like Beyond Meat.

Those in Power are the Origin of the Problem

The Siberian Arctic still isn’t starting to freeze? It’s probably nothing…

I wonder if those in power will ever decide our planet matters more than a green pieces of paper. They create the issue and they have all the money. And money moves the needle. But most of them don’t raise a finger unless they’re forced by regulation. In fact, it’s probable they will use their money to ensure their destructive business remains unregulated. Money over everything including our future. As the days pass, it’s starting to feel like what they are sacrificing is our present.

So here’s my thought: if the onus is placed on your shoulders… shouldn’t you question if those in power are pulling their weight? Shouldn’t the one with everything be motivated to save not only themselves but all of us? It truly feels like the Kings of our nations want to run faster towards our collective oblivion. In 2020 it seems politicians, CEO’s, and leaders see the issue and pick sides. Yet they struggle to reconcile their bottom line with clean air, blue water, and clear skies. It’s almost like they won’t change until it’s too late.

Double Down on Pollution

If they don’t want to fix the problem I don’t believe we should either. Here’s the unconventional way to kill two birds with one stone: double down on pollution. It will finally put the kibosh on the debate as to whether or not it is real. If it makes no difference, stop it with the bullshit campaigns. The much more likely scenario is that things accelerate faster for the worse. Then god help us if we don’t ALL come to terms with climate change as a issue of extreme focus. The longer we drag this out the harder it becomes. So maybe the best option for us is simply to burn it all faster and harder than ever before because until billionaires decide to take responsibility, the doomsday clock keeps ticking.

These people read their charts… if they just see it increasing incrementally or at a moderate exponential rate… they can sweep it under the rug for another year. But imagine a year in which everyone drives humvees, at nothing but beef, in short we all did it all and nobody recycled or even threw things in the trash. Just trashed our towns, cities, water, and air. Spare nothing. Then the problem is undeniable. And it seems until the problem is undeniable the powerful will continue asking you to do more (followed by mandatory government policy/fines).

It a ugly proposal but when the origin of our problems won’t listen, you sometimes need to defer to shock and awe.

Thinking about a better way