End of Repercussions

Each passing day carries fewer and fewer legal consequence. It is happening at all levels of society: the White House, the Treasury, banks, your local CVS, the police, and the list would flow like a mile long scroll. Collapse seems like an extreme term to describe life today, but after reading this from an immigrant from Sri Lanka who escaped collapse… I’m starting to believe it’s not a talking point. Rather, collapse has already arrived. The following is a series of cases where our societal fabric is tearing.

This is the first time mail in ballots have come into question. It’s a cute ploy by Trump but what makes it criminal is the fake ballot boxes that have start popping up. I’m not saying Trump is directly involved in setting these up, but whoever is involved is completely poisoning voting: the root of democracy. We already live in times where no one trusts anything except their own beliefs. This is another nail in the coffin in a world filled with lies and misinformation.

Trumps’ person wrap (unindicted) sheet while being a sitting president is a masterpiece of crime. Never before has a President committing blatant criminal act after act. It makes real life blue collar criminals question if they are criminals at all. At the highest level of office sits a criminal in plain sight.

The fate of the dollar rests in the hands of folks like Steve Mnuchin. Who has a well documented history of being anything but trustworthy. There are many ways to deploy emergency cash to people in need. Mnuchin and Powell decided to turn America into a stripclub. And for anyone who has visited one of these establishments, you know it’s smoke and mirrors, hustlers, and it’s nothing more than a momentary tease that is never worth the cost. The vast majority of stripclub patrons fall into the desperation category.

Due to the toxic debt accumulated since 2008, the government is now the largest holder of US equities, ETF’s, and real estate. It has been propping up all the dead weight and in the process has propelled the country towards socialism. History shows time and again, governments that own everything always end badly. We did it for self preservation but that does not alleviate the reality that our government yields an extraordinary degree of power.

Now the Treasury released The Banking for All act. They want to give people FedAccounts where they inject money direct to the people. That sounds awesome in the short run, but what does that do in the long run? It cripples a country. It destroys the motivation to work.

It recently came to light that our biggest banks have been caught red handed money laundering for the cartels in a worldwide fashion. Over the course of decades the amount is in the low trillions… trillions. Banks were caught laundering trillions and most were fined $1-$2 billion. So essentially the biggest banks all around the globe broke the law for decades, got caught, and faced penalties of around 1% of their gain.

In normal human terms, that would be like you making a million dollars from selling drugs over the course of decades, getting caught red handed, then after the court proceedings you had to pay $10,000. What would you most likely do the very next day? Go sell more drugs. Our bankers have been given a legal pass to break laws, get caught, and face a 1% penalty. Imagine that.

San Francisco has been dealing with an insane level of broad daylight store looting. Chesa Boudin, the new DA, has essentially legalized theft by reducing the crime to a basic misdemeanor. Since it’s not a major crime, the cops don’t care either which is why in the video the people are stealing so casually. They know they won’t be arrested.

Just this weekend, the police did in fact find a major stash from all these robberies. Turns out these low level thieves racked up $8M in stolen goods. Hardcore liberal democratic cities have completely lost the plot. In their attempt to “help” the underclass, they’ve essentially destroyed the ecosystem for good behavior. Criminals who know they can rob without consequence will inevitably test the limits and I would predict residents soon become targets whether on the street or at their home.

Breonna Taylor’s case shocked me. I know there are different laws in Kentucky regarding “No Knock” Warrants. But for the judgement to be that the only crime that took place was endangering her neighbors is another level of criminality. One can only fathom the true percentage of police driven crimes against people of color.

Now George Floyd’s case is materializing and we see that Derrick Chauvin has been released on $1M bail. I’m not fluent in legal matters but these days I always ask myself would they do the same if the skin colors were reversed? And typically the answer would be no. The privilege and dividing lines are discussed but the reality is clear as day through the actions of our court system. If the court system cannot uphold the law, at some point people will take the law into their own hands.

Life makes no sense because all the signals we receive (for those paying attention), point to the fact that hard work no longer pays. Executing criminal acts is what gets you ahead in the new America. How can you fathom working a minimum wage job knowing all the above is going on and likely will spill over into your life in a negative fashion. To add insult to injury, many of these crimes will be paid for with the working class’ tax money.

The criminals are blatantly breaking laws and being rewarded. The true working class are falling behind and paying for the sins of criminals. And it is happening at all levels of society. I don’t like being Mr. Armageddon but I also refuse to be the person who sticks my head in the sand to lie to myself that everything is ok.

I believe that we are already deep in collapse. It’s happening under every surface we touch: when you log into your bank account, when you get your unemployment payment, when you shop at CVS, when you pass a policemen hunting via radar gun. Like a house that is completely rotting out at the foundations, if you don’t see it, you may simply fall through the floorboards on day without notice.

I believe we are living in times of great peril because the house is still standing while termites and rot have fully taken hold. Life above the floorboards still seems perfectly normal, but beneath our feet there is an invisible countdown to a sudden freefall. Question is will the roof cave in over us too or will we be able to walk out unscathed?


Blood Diamond premiered in 2006, aging it at 14 years. “The world is falling apart and all we hear is blowjob gate.” This is Africa made sense in those days. Life in America was great and the average American could not fathom the lawless wild west “This is Africa” mentality. Because the layers of our society still held a semblance of law and order.

As far as I’m concerned, America is rapidly heading the direction of T.I.A. Ironically, it shares the same acronym: This is America. Are you starting to see that collapse may already be here? It’s easy to start problems. It’s difficult to fix them. And it takes more time. Look around with honest eyes, when every layer of the wooden house has rotted… it’s overwhelming to fix without an incredible coming together of the people.

Alternatively, it will require a New World Order. One that entails totalitarian style control. If T.I.A. is the current state of affairs, I would bet on the next country of influence being China. Meaning America will slowly move towards a system mimicking China’s style of absolute control wrapped around free market capitalism.

Thinking about a better way