• Shawn Orr

    Shawn Orr

  • Q


  • Maarten Verkoren

    Maarten Verkoren

    3D-printing entrepreneur @ 3DMakersZone, Assembl3d, 3Dprint Magazine, 3DMakersMagic, blogger. Cooking, bootcamp, bikram yoga, movies, books, travel.

  • Somplatsky-Martori


    CMO @ChiefOutsiders | Outsourced CMO |Translating the CEO's vision into results | Passionate about marketing, social media, green, biking & cooking.

  • Jeff Korhan

    Jeff Korhan

    Digital social marketing consultant, coach, and global keynote speaker for mainstream businesses - with a special skill for simplifying technology.

  • Krishna Gurram

    Krishna Gurram

  • Sean Charles

    Sean Charles

    Sean is my Name & Social Media is my Game! Easy going social biz entrepreneur specializing in content marketing & community management http://bit.ly/Sean-LinkedIn

  • Richard Raizes

    Richard Raizes

    Partner at Plutus21 Capital. Follow for insights from a top performing blockchain / crypto fund manager. Not giving advice.

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